One wonderful evening, on my way to see man (that story is so for another day), I boarded a bus going to my destination. I was doing my own thing o, when my eyes just turned to the side of the chair I was sitting on. It was the height of rugged, dirty and old. Instead of me to stop looking  and reserve my sanity, I didn’t. That’s how I just took a further look at the arm of the front chair, and then took a look at the second arm, I almost puked at what I saw. It was some disgusting cloth that had been used to cover it, and it was rainy season in Nigeria so you can imagine how bad it was.

The question I asked myself after a detailed analysis of this most rugged bus, was “who sent you to enter this bus?”. After this epic question came the epic answer to myself “I didn’t see it before I entered na, I just saw the small black leather on the chair and the fact that people were in it, and so I entered. Be asking me rubbish question there”.

And like other times when I come to myself, I realised that I only entered this bus because I didn’t see the big picture, it looked okay from where I was at, but how could I have known? Everyone was in it.

Just like the labour market and relationships and marriages and churches and every other thing people just get into nowadays. I entered because the bus was full, and the outside seemed nice enough.

We need to get to where we’re going so we get in. We are getting old so we get married. We’ve been out of a job for too long, so we settle. It’s the days of our lives. But how can we know what the big picture is anyways? How can we see that the arm of the bus chair is rotten? Is there a way to know that this guy, beneath all that charm, is beastly? How do we know that this friend will not bless us? That this high paying job is not the one we dreamt of?

It’s the question I asked myself and the question we ask ourselves everyday on our way to jobs we don’t love, to see people we don’t cherish and earn the money we serve.

You have to admit, we need someone bigger than us. Someone that sees it all, that can see the big picture on our behalf, so he can ensure we enter the right bus (marriage, job, relationship, contract, business arrangement).

I would love to help you wallow in your self pity and tell you there’s no way out, but oops, there is, lol. There is someone that promises to guide us, and his name is Jesus. He doesn’t forsake his own and he doesn’t let them go astray or enter crappy buses when they give him any attention. No matter who you are, what you’ve done or where you’re from, he loves you. Am I sure? Yes I am.

You’ve got to, at this confused point, in this rat race with no destination, ask him for guidance, and listen for an answer because if there’s one thing I can promise you, it’s that my perfect God will answer all your imperfect prayers. It’s that simple. Enjoy the rest of your month guys!!!! Don’t get lost in the rat race and horrible buses yeah? (no pun intended)

Into the comment section, folks. Do you guys pray when you’re confused? How do you pray in order to get the big picture? Any testimonies? Are y’all those people that have it figured out and received a vision before you were even born? lol, or you’re taking it with Jesus one step at a time? I wanna hear from you guys. Keep the comments coming!!
-With all the happiness possible (Bimpe)