Dear heart,

how you doing? Honestly I must commend you.

These days, you’ve been just fab. Withstanding things you couldn’t have before, taking crap like a champ, and demanding for better, living with more gusto than previously, and graciously through it all.

I have observed your strength in particular recently and I must commend you, and since I know how you feel bad sometimes, I must let you know it’s okay.

It’s okay to grow. Our stomach is not always going to flutter when a nice guy calls us, cos guess what? We deserve to be called by nice people.

It’s okay to not be bothered about what people think anymore. No, don’t feel bad, it’s okay.

It’s great to no longer cry just because people are mean. Its okay. It’s great to grow.

It’s okay to get over people that don’t treat you right, you can’t pine over them forever. It’s okay

It’s okay to not be broken anymore, dear heart. It’s okay to move on.

And guess what? It’s not too good to be true, it’s okay to accept the love you deserve. It’s okay. You deserve it. Shitty might be the usual we were used to, but it’s okay to accept great. Jesus died so we could accept great.

Dear heart, we don’t stay broken. No. we move and we have moved. So no feeling bad now yeah?

-Darling Bimpe