I lived in the middle for a long time in my life. I still tend towards that end but boy, I’m working so hard to pick a side. All the time. It’s been hard work cos I like to make everyone happy but it’s work that’s worth it and I want y’all in on that work too.

Lemme explain.

The middle is a place that’s convenient and close enough to everywhere such that you don’t have to be loyal to any side but you’re close enough to either.  So when push comes to shove you attach yourself and cover your shame. Always.

Never losing but never winning. A Christian but keeps up with the secular world. Secular but tries to be a good person and judge people more secular than you are. Isn’t the middle a funny place?  It’s not hard to see why Christ will wanna spew them out of his mouth. It’s actually disgusting to see but convenient to be.

That’s how the middle works. You don’t wanna be the first but you don’t wanna be the last. You don’t wanna associate with the people we think are low lives on the mainland but you don’t wanna be a Lekki snub so you stay in Ajah, lol. That’s a Lagos joke.

Life in the middle is fun, funny enough. There’s something about the middle that is so ‘warm’ and comfy. But the thing about the middle is that you stay there. It’s that you never really achieve anything. It’s that everyone has their group but you have nothing at the very end.

It’s that you join us, but you’re not one of us. It’s that we know. We know you’re a ‘middler’ and so one day, when the roll is called and we’re going to be with our own, that day when the scroll is opened and the names of people that have died the death you didn’t want to die are called.

When the father is distributing gifts to his children, there are no cousins. Just children. Then we’ll know. Then we will laugh. Then there will be no middle. Then you will cry.

To avoid those tears. Pick a side. Any side is better than the middle. Take it from me, i’ve been in the middle for too long and seen that it profits no one.