Our very own rainbow

There’s this myth that’s been ongoing for years and it’s that God uses the beautiful rainbow to remember not to punish us. When He sees the rainbow, he’s like ‘shoot! I remember! Lemme behave o. I made them a promise!’ Like he needs the rainbow to remember.

Hahahaha, guess what? He doesn’t need the rainbow. He will never ever ever forget his promises to us! Ever! However, we’re human and we do forget. So we need the rainbow to remember that God will not change. That the earthquakes may be everyday but we will not be destroyed.Β That despite the terrorism, he has a plan that will amaze us. That despite the situation in our lives, the glory of the latter will be greater.
The rainbow is for us. It’s a sign, because sometimes life hits us that we forget he’s there. It’s then that we have to look out for the rainbow. Because he always sends the rainbow.

Sometimes we mess up as well, we do such crappy things and it looks like the consequence has destroyed us. Then we have to look for the rainbow.

Because the rainbow is forgiveness, the rainbow is hope after the storm. The rainbow shows us that he will not forget us even when we forget him.

The rainbow is Jesus. He’s our rainbow. He’s the one we look to and know that He has forgiven us, for the past and even the future. So look for and to that rainbow . Cos he’s the hope for our future.


Have the best week guys! I love you more than you know 😘😍😍.