On this wonderful morning o, I was supposed to go to work, but I kept drifting in and out of sleep, over and over. It was very frustrating. I tried and tried to get up from bed, so many times, all to no avail. Nothing was working. I was just there, coasting like I didn’t have work to do.

The funny thing is, I knew I had to get up before a certain time, as the person that was to pick me up was to do so for 8 o’clock thereabout. I was also working on some crazy deadline, with a bunch of dedicated folks, but that was not enough to move me from the bed that day mehn. ย There were negative consequences to what I was doing, but guess what? That didn’t make a difference. I was rested, like nothing was going to happen.

All the while this was going on, the lights were off. At some point, I decided to put on the lights, and mehn that changed my whole ordeal. Struggle over. Sleep gone. Lights on. It was like magic. Almost one hour of contemplating, procrastinating, and thinking of how much trouble I was in didn’t do the trick. But the very moment I decided to put on the light, everything changed. Everything.

My darlings, the only way to get rid of the darkness is to put on the light. Period. It seems too easy right? It’s the only way though. Look, I’ve seen it play over and over in my life, and the life of others, but it only just dawned on me in a new way after this experience. Guys! Chase light! Darkness does not go away because of how scared you are of it (fear). Nope. Darkness does not go away because of how much you really want the light (fantasy). It doesn’t go away because of how much of it’s consequence you know (vain knowledge).


The only thing that chases away illiteracy is education, not pity or complains. The only thing that chases away poverty is not money. but light in your mind. Cos the money will come, but without light in your mind, it’s only a matter of time before everything goes dark again. The only thing that chases away sin is the light of Christ’s love and who you are in Him, not condemnation. The only thing that will chase away guilt is redemption, nothing else.

Light is the way. Get light. Don’t grope in darkness for too long. Now, the question is, how? Well, it’s pretty easy actually. Just keep putting on the light till it comes on. You keep renewing your mind with the word of God until you see the change, no matter how long it takes. Keep reading and studying until you hit the very thing you need to get that business right. You keep praying until God shows you the path He wants for you.

Lemme use myself as an example; I lived in condemnation of myself for so long. I lived in guilt of my past and present for so long. I lived in pain and wished for so many things. I lived in the stars but never really got there. Well, I’ll share what brought light my way. His name is Jesus. He’s the light that keeps producing more light, in and through me. He’s that light. The more I look into His love and hope for me, the more I find light in every area of my life. Every area, guys! What is guilt now when I have the love and hope of Christ? Nothing. One day I’ll share with y’all a few of the things that defined my past, so you can know the depth of darkness that Christ brought his light into, but those things don’t define my future because Christ is my victory! He’s my light!

Boy, oh boy, I hope you find Him, cos He’s always looking to find you. Nothing else brings more happiness or light.

-With all the love possible, Bimpe