Hi guys!

I’m so glad to be alive and writing this for the third year in a row *inserts a dancing smiley. I didn’t know it was going to become a ‘thing’ when I was doing it the first time, but I’m so grateful it has, and through the ups and downs I think it’s important to look back and evaluate our year in gratefulness, but with readiness to improve and press in for more. I’m always about more, cos there’s always more lol.

Boy, 2017 was one heck of a ride. I had so many ‘I don’t know how I can come out of this’ moments, but God was amazing and brought me out, as per usual *inserts dancing smiley again.

2017 IN RETROSPECT … Let’s go into a few things this year has been notable for.

I moved out of my family house! You guys! I’m a big girl now o, lol but that’s not the most amazing part of this. The amazing part is that, by God’s grace I was able to do it with my funds and no strife with any of my family members. I had been worried, that when the time came to move out, the folks might be angry and all, but the idea even came from one of them, and it was all so seamless with everything playing out so gloriously, and God providing for me miraculously with no assistance. God knows how to always take all the glory in my life, and I hope and pray it stays that way.

My sister got married gloriously *inserts a billion dancing smileys. You guys!!!! God is so good. The way he provided, ehn, even I don’t understand it because at the beginning there was nothing. You guys needed to have been in this wedding, it was so beautiful. The upside is that it went beautifully, the downside is, now everyone keeps telling me it’s my turn. They won’t let me be a baby girl in peace, lol.

God miraculously placed me in a group called ‘Spur’. It was a group of 12 girls that were the most amazing people I’ve been with in a while. Everyone close to me knows how much I cherish my friends, and these ones were amazing. We set goals every week, and were accountable to each other, with rewards for those that accomplished their goals. We shared each other’s victories and we bore each other’s burdens. We were such instruments for each other, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even if the group itself did not last, the relationships did and left a forever mark on me. There’s nothing like a bunch of God chasing and God loving friends.

God blessed me with revelation knowledge like never before, and gave me assignments that still scare me as I speak, but I know that if he placed it in my heart, he has given me what it takes to execute it. It was such a year of visions and dreams. 2018 is a year to run with these visions, and I’m as excited as I was scared. I know he’s got me, now all I’ve got to do is be intentional.

I was favored on all grounds. No jokes, I feel like a scam half the time, cos half the time I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve the kind of love and people God has surrounded me with, Actually, I know what I’ve done, nothing! The favour was immense, and I can’t wait for more in 2018

Offence! The devil wanted to finish me with offence, but God had lessons for me. I always prided myself in never being offended no matter what people did, but God taught me to boast in him alone, cos this year I got offended by the most ridiculous things, and God pruned me and rid me of them as soon as I realized I needed help, and I was nothing by myself. He helped me see the negative things I had been harboring that I didn’t even know about, and how to get my mind out of those things, in order to enter into all he has for me. I told you, God just likes to take all the glory in my life sha, and I’m so glad he does, cos I don’t deserve it.

I failed exams! I never fail exams, but in 2017 I did, and God taught me, among other things, that though there are exceeding great and mighty promises concerning me, I have to put in the work, be diligent, and always be found in the field. I rewrote one of them again and passed sha, lol.

I started one of the visions God put in my heart this year, and God has been faithful thus far, and also taught me to be consistent in the seemingly little things, while preparing me for the heights he’s taking me to. Amazing, right?

I added weight, you guys! So much weight, and it turns out that whatever weight I gain goes mostly to my thighs, hence investments in new skirts and trousers, lol.

Can you guys tell I’m getting tired, as my sentences are getting shorter? That’s how amazing God has been to me, He’s done so much, and this list above doesn’t even begin to cut the amazing things God has done. I hope you learnt a few things you can apply in 2018, and I hope you have a fruitful, intentional year.

I really do love you guys that take the time to read my blog, and I can’t wait for us to take our world by storm.