Hi guys,

Long post alert!!!! (Possibly the longest I have ever written, but it’ll be totally worth your time, I promise).

First things first, I’ve been MIA for the most part of this year, and  even though I had so many draft posts, I really had to evaluate what I wanted with this blog. I’ve evolved over the years, and I feel like my writing, and blogging style should too. So hopefully, you all should see the result of my cramped draft folder soon. Now, onto the juicy juice for today, let’s talk hillsong!!

If you must know anything about me, it’s that the gospel is at the center stage of anything my life holds, and if there’s any other thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m in love with music and Hillsong worship.

It only makes sense that my first official album review will be Hillsong, right? But guess what? It’s not about my love for hillsong alone that drives this post. It’s that the album is pure gospel. My favourite so far, not because the melody is the nicest they have made, to be honest, but primarily because it is pure gospel. Yet entertaining, and filled with so much excellence and attention to detail.

The name of the album is ‘There is more’ and it’s on all the music streaming platforms, so you can listen as you read this. I believe it’ll be more relatable that way.

The album starts on a high with the song ‘who you say I am’. This is an affirmation of scripture truth about us, despite the lies the enemy, and the lies of pop culture in our day to day lives. It’s a reminder that whoever the son of God sets free is free indeed.

You think that’s it, and then it gets higher with the song ‘you are life’ that gets you back to knowing that you are all of these things, but it’s never about you. It lets you know that your life and living is in the arms of your saviour. The fact that you can walk on water, is not about you but about the one that has called you to a life that lifts him high. It’s an upbeat song (I love upbeat pop songs!), and reaffirms that Jesus is life and he’s alive in us.

Remember what I told you about gospel earlier? The next song ‘the passion’ reminds us of what this really means. The passion of our saviour. The mercy of our God, and a cross that leaves no question about the depth of his love for us. This song shows us what our whole religion as Christians is about. The innocent judged guilty, so you and I could walk free. That death would be his portion, and ours liberty!! (Can you tell I’m dancing inside as I write this?). For me. It just reminds me of the fact that Christian music is not just primarily to entertain. It’s to exalt the one who died and was raised! That’s what this song teaches. It’s that he gave his life, and so now we give our lives to honour the one that forgave us and gave us new life.

No! The gospel themed album is not ended yet. The next song ‘God so loved’ is basically just you reading John 3:16,  and that makes it a love song. That God so loved the world, and gave his son that whosoever believes in him would not perish but would have eternal life. It’s the hope we have. If you have difficulty reading the bible, this is your jam. It’s John 3:16. Period.

The next song ‘Be still’ is ‘our’ favourite song and it carries a message that helped me through a tough period I experienced recently. Do you know what that is? It that when you have put a matter in God’s hands, let it be. Trust that he will do what he says. You just obey and trust. Be still, know that his love surrounds you and that ‘surely’ goodness and mercy will follow you. ‘SURELY’ – that word of assurance that there is no option. His love will lead you, it’s what this song is about. I also particularly love the repetition of the ‘surely love and mercy, your peace and kindness will follow me’. Cos sometimes the world makes us forget.

Still on not forgetting, the next song ‘Remembrance’ is what I would call an intermission on the album, and it comes as an awakening, that no matter what you’ve done, Jesus paid the price, and he can help you find your way. It’s a call to remembrance of what he’s done for us. Remembrance of our history in his goodness, remembrance that he has been good, remembrance of the price he paid for our redemption. This song helps you remember. That God is good.

‘Valentine’! (I love Valentine’s day like crazy btw) and I love how hillsong knows how to use the secular themes to enforce not just anything but the gospel. It reminds me a lot of Paul in the bible and some of the gentiles terms he used to drive his message home. e.g. the word ‘saints’ and how it originated from people that were consecrated to the gentile gods. Now on to the song, it’s a love song that affirms that this world is HIS. And in his love he was a valentine to a faithless world. A world that ran and still runs from him. But in his love, he chased us, and in his love he reigns forever. It’s also a song that responds to this love by stating that our hearts are surrendered, to his forever reign!!! Hallelujah!!!!

‘Touch of heaven’ is the cry of a person that is thirsty and wants more of Jesus, that may be seen as someone who has seen it all, but knows that he has only just scratched the surface. Someone who knows that ‘there is more’ and so sings about the love and affection and hope in Christ, and the grace that can come with even more of this. It’s for the thirsty, and for those who want more, and ultimately want a touch of heaven. This song helps you press in, to the fact that ‘there is always more’. He can have his way more in you, and can use you more.

You guys! Just when you think this album is a love letter from us to God and from him to us, then an actual song called ‘Lettered love’ comes in!!!! Amazing, I know, right?? I love the way the piano comes in as an intro to the song. Really cozy and romantic, and this song is romantic, cos it sings about how his lettered love has found us. Lettered love as in, the love story that the bible is- has found us, all for the praise of his glory! This song makes me so happy, can you tell by my writing? It explains the truth of the word of God, and against what people think, that it’s a book of doom, this song reminds the world that the word of God is our very life, it’s what reshapes our broken our heart, and what ransoms our story. But it reminds us that it’s all for the Praise of his name and the fame of his glory!!

The next song is ‘the Lord’s Prayer’. You guys! If you find it difficult to pray on any day, just play this song. Just like that, you’ve prayed. Do you know what that means for Christian Music? That a song can plainly be ‘The Lord’s prayer?’ That a song is that filled with the word of God, such that all it is, is the word of God? You have no idea that what feat it is, that a song primarily sings about the kingdom of God coming on earth, and that God should have his way on the earth? Well, I do. I get it, and it gladdens my heart that, no matter how many years Hillsong has been in the game, they have kept the focus as the gospel, the exclusivity of it, and power in the name of Jesus. That’s what this song is about.

The next song ‘New Wine’ is my current favourite song on this album, and it’s primarily because of what God has been ministering to my heart in recent times, and it’s that he’s doing something new. This song is from a place of surrender. It’s from a place that understands that God might sometimes have to break us to build us. It’s from a heart that understands that God wants to put new wine in new wine skins, and so there must be a renewal and an emptiness so many times, so he can fill us up and break new grounds. It might be hard, but I trust that God will make something new out of our lives and situations, no matter how much it may hurt. Because where there is new wine, there is new power, there is new freedom and the kingdom of God is here.

That’s it guys!!! The other songs are not originally from this album and I’ve kinda reviewed one of them on this post. So enjoy.

It doesn’t mean this album is perfect, but it does reflect the perfect gospel, and it is full of such artistic excellence, from the album cover to the theme, the music, the lyrics, and the order. Kudos to a great album by a church founded on vision.

I hope you listen to the album, and I hope and pray  it blesses you immensely

See you next time!!!