Harmattan on this side of the world (Nigeria) has been all shades of crazy, but even worse has been the Lagos heat: I feel like anything could cook in this heat mehn, even human beings. Harmattan makes it worse, because now it’s super dry and it’s hot. 

So on this amazing night, in a bid for survival from the terrible heat, I had opened all my windows and even the doors, but closed the net so mosquitoes wouldn’t come in (Nigerian struggles), but it was still so hot I could barely sleep. It was nasty, really nasty. Tossing and turning was probably the name of any new blog post/poetic piece I’d release in the nearest future lol. 

But God. Somebody say ‘but God’. At about 4 am though, I woke up, and the breeze that I awoke to was surprisingly beautiful and cool. It was so much cooler than it was in the night, or it ever is in the afternoon. The breeze was slowly coming in and I just carried my duvet and covered myself like a baby gurl. 

The breeze is not the crux of the story though, but what I really thought about that morning is, about life and it’s progressions. When it’s hot like it was that night, it would seem like it’s never going to end, and we would be so sure Lagos is where we would all roast and die, but guess what??? The morning always comes!!! And it comes with breeze!!!

The night could be long and endless even, but the morning always comes. Always. Let’s never forget that when it’s blazing hot, life is in seasons and as much as the nights come with its heat, the new stage at work comes with its new troubles, the new marriage comes with its teething pains, the morning will eventually come!! So bro, just hold on tight and keep your duvet close buddy, cos when the new weather comes you better get ready to handle all that enjoyment!

Love you guys! Hope you’re encouraged, and happy!

Have an amazing day! 

Stay happy! Stay full of Jesus!