Dry season/harmattan rants here again (harmattan heat is pretty much over now in Lagos, you guys!!) Plus lessons to learn of course *winks

A few mornings ago, I woke up and was getting ready for work. While locking the house door, I looked at the passage that connects directly to the compound, and to my surprise and anger, I spotted a lot of dust and dirt particles on my passage. I was so pained. So so pained.

In order for you to understand my pain, you have to go way back to 5 days before this, when I swept my house like I was expecting an angel. I swept it so much, I was dripping with sweat. I then mopped like I never have, since I moved to the house.

Hence, could you blame me if I was of the opinion that this cleanliness would last forever (seeing as I don’t like sweeping, and I still went out of my way to sweep this house – mostly in order to make my very lazy brother feel bad cos he never does anything. Was my expectation out of order?
But no, this dry season had to show itself and make my house look like a dump, just after 5 days of sweeping. Keep in mind that I try to dust my legs before going in the house o, but that’s clearly not enough for the season that is harmattan in Nigeria.

See, this house sweeping lasts me for 2 weeks normally (call me a pig, that’s your own problem), but now I had to think of sweeping the next weekend cos the weather was super dry and seasons are out of my control.

In my anger as I was thinking of all this, it crossed my mind that this is just how life, and any constructive activity works. You spend your whole life doing something and just some minute of carelessness/nonchalance changes the whole thing.

In an ideal world, your 5 year certificate should still be relevant for the next ten years, the skill you acquired 20 years ago should still pay, and the scriptures you read yesterday should be sufficient, but sista, this is a fallen world, and not an ideal world.

Like my house or even worse, the world is moving faster than you can possibly imagine and as much as you have to be grounded in what you believe and what you want, you also have to know that the world is not waiting for you, and that seasons and trends in the world are out of your control, so you have to continually reinvent yourself.

Learn more about your area of expertise, read more scriptures than you read last week. Pray more than you did the year before. Just do more. Be more. Be all you can be, and then go again. That’s what I learned from my dusty house.

Guess what? The world moves faster than my house got dusty, so weekly is clearly not enough. The world is more corrupt and the devil is unleashing himself through more ways than last week, so you have to arm yourself in prayers and study of the word more than ever before.

Remember that in Christ, we’re already winners, all we do when we sweep/gain a new skill/improve on ourselves/study and pray is re-emphasise the victory we already have.

Sweeping away,
Your happiness Minister – Bimps