Eve was the first but she wasn’t the last – Sara Groves


*This post is based on the song ‘generations’ by Sara Groves, and you can click on this link to listen to it as you read

I live alone, with my brother who stays with me on most weekdays. He originally stays with family in somewhere far away, but I moved closer to his workplace, and so it only makes sense that he’ll come live with me, but he goes home most weekends.

The distance from where he originally stays to where he works, is about 2 hours in the mornings, and 3 hours in the evening. On the contrary, it takes about 10 minutes from mine to his office. Hence, we can conclude that my brother’s quality of life is increased greatly, because he stays with me.

However, about 2 years ago, when I decided to get a house, the only person I was thinking of was me. ME. How much fun I’d have. Proximity from home to work. The kind of enjoyment I’d experience. How much alone time I’d have (cos I cherish my alone time beyond almost anything). I was ecstatic and so I made the decision.

Fast forward to almost 2 years later, my very annoying amazing brother stays with me, and thinks I need to get a new ‘anything that spoils’, like he doesn’t earn a salary. Over happiness is his major problem, and it’s because he’s not in traffic for 2 hours every morning. See, he’s enjoying life. He doesn’t even know the particular decisions I have to make financially in order to make sure he has food in his mouth, and even to secure this place, but he can’t be bothered. He’s a product of a decision I made without his consent.


Remind me of this with every decision, generations will reap what I’ve sown – Sara Groves


You see, Eve was like me. She thought she was doing it for herself and her husband. No , she didn’t realise like me, and you probably won’t, that generations of humanity hinged on her getting it right. She was just there enjoying a juicy fruit of disobedience, busy looking for wisdom that she already had (can you blame her? Don’t we all do the same?), not knowing that somewhere in the world, thousands of years later there would be a fallen world, and things like earthquakes and hurricanes that’ll destroy many, just because she made a decision.

But, just fruit though??? Is that really fair? Just fruit eating is what caused all this evil in the world? Yes. Because it’s never ‘just fruit’. Eating that fruit showed a lot about the trust that Eve had in her creator. That fruit made her take her sight off what was important for her and Adam, and made her proud. It appealed to the lust of the eyes. She made a decision because she saw something pretty, and she wanted to be like God. She started to desire things she wasn’t created for. The devil deceived her subtly, and she became proud. She thought, maybe the God that had given her all these beautiful things, didn’t want the best for her after all. Perhaps there was more to life outside this her creator, and the life he chose for her.

It’s the same for that job you might take that seems super attractive. That guy you might decide to have dinner with. There’s more at stake that you don’t know. Your decisions will determine the kind of future, that your generations after you will have. Should this make you afraid? No. But it should make you cautious especially on your motives, and it should ultimately make you guided.


And to say that the devil made me do it, is a cop out and a lie. The devil can’t make me do anything, when I’m calling on Jesus Christ – Sara Groves


There’s hope, though!! We’re in a better position than Eve, do you know why? Where Eve failed with her choice, Jesus won with his, and gave us the victory. So now we can make better decisions, ranging from what clothes to wear, to what man/woman to marry. You see, the gist is; God left them in the garden, and came in the evenings to bond with them. So as long as God was with them, the devil could not deceive them cos there was a superior power at work in their sight and mind.

Now guess what? God never leaves us. He’s bonding with us all day everyday through the Holy Spirit!! So unlike Eve, when the devil comes with his rubbish (cos he will come), we’re well armed to deal with him (if we have the spirit of God, of course). This is a good thing, cos it helps us make right decisions. It is a bad thing, cos now it rids us of all excuses.


I can pass on a curse or a blessing, to those I will never know – Sara Groves


Our generations must be blessed because we came. Like Abraham, and Joseph, we need to remember that our decisions never stop with us. There is so much more at stake, you guys. We’re not here to play!!

You only need to trust that God is true and he wants the best for you. So bro, before you take that job, rent that house, drink that jug of water lol, Oga be sure you’re in the will of God. Let the HolySpirit lead you. Ask him. He’ll definitely show you 😉.

Love you, stay happy.