Hey guys!!!

I have a short story to tell … (it’s short this time, I promise)

I was at the salon some weeks ago to make my hair. It was the new year, and one thing that’s typical of a Nigerian salon in the new year, is the crowd. It’s like a marketplace during this period, as Nigerians don’t like to play during the festive season, there are also parties and stuff, so slayage must happen. The crowd – massive. The gossip – Juicy.

We’re not playing here oo

This time though, there was no crowd in the salon. Super unusual stuff. It didn’t even occur to me that people were supposed to be many, until I heard the hairdressers complain among themselves, as they reminisced over the old times when people flocked the salons during Christmas and new year season, and the hairdressers got to look like divas as well, cos they had so much money (this is my assumption lol). The sole cause of this:




This singular word has robbed traditional amazing salonists of their work.  A bug has bit most Nigerian women, and they have realised they don’t have to sit for 8 hours in a salon when they can easily just wear a wig. Hence, they’ve channeled the anger of all the hours used in the salons, and now some people even have up to 10 wigs. You get? While this is bad business for the salonists, it’s amazing business for wig makers and sellers, especially those in tune with technology, as instagram is their biggest marketplace.

Four years ago, if anyone had told these salonists that there would come a time when people would no longer make hair in December/January, you know what they’d probably have said, and how they’d have looked at me?

I can imagine it’d have been something like ‘Sista, is Christmas ever going to expire? if not, we’ll always have demand. As long as there’s Christmas, there is demand for hair, because people like to celebrate’.

Nigerian salonists when I try to tell them they won’t reign forever

I’m sure that was what Blackberry thought too at their peak time. But …




There will always be a peak time, and a not so peak time. Life is in seasons, period. Rarely do you have ‘a man for all seasons’ (I really hope you got that), but that doesn’t have to be a cause for alarm or fear if you are directly connected to the source of the ideas and the times. I don’t want to get overly spiritual here, but Daniel’s story in the bible blows my mind. He reigned with over 3 kings. Kings died, Daniel was still relevant. Trends and fashion changed, yet he was still relevant. He basically reigned indispensably all his life!! Let the salons beat that!!

Mr. Big boy, you’re not the first to be big or to hit money. Trends come and go, and so do people’s reigns. Salons come and go, and so do seasons in life. If you don’t want to be a laggard, stay connected to God, his word and his spirit cos he’s the only one that will give you an understanding of the times, and keep you fruitful during the seeming yamayama seasons, such that you’ll be just like Joseph and his family, creating trends, and determining times.

Darling, you were made for more than yesterday’s salon and blackberry shine. There’s social media and so many other places to shine now, and so many to come, so go connect to the source (Jesus), he’ll show you how to shine different, and shine eternally too.

Love you and I hope our reign never ends