My people!!

My baby (who’s no more a baby) cousin was home on mid term break recently, so I decided to take him to see a movie, and he wanted to watch a part of this animation series called ‘How to train your dragon’.

First off, I don’t like animation. I can’t move past the fact that I’m seeing weird creatures on my screen, in order to focus on what they’re actually saying. It’s the same thing with Korean movies. Like, what is that sound they’re making? (Biko, don’t come for me o, those of you who are Korean in your mind). Anyways, we went to watch animation. I had plans to work on my phone throughout the whole painful ordeal, anyways.

The movie started on a high, with some folks stealing dragons and stuff, so I was fascinated. Little by little, fascination turned to focus until I found myself actually waiting for what would happen next, and close to the end I shed a tear! I don’t even shed tears for actual movies! But that’s not the point. The point is the very hope this movie gave me, and which I’m here to give you.

In this movie, dragons existed. Not only did dragons exist, they were friends with Man. Actual dragons, with fire spewing out of their mouths and stuff. They were like horses for men to ride on, just riding on the skies, and all. There was the bad guy of course (as always), who wanted all the dragons killed, and who believed dragons shouldn’t exist with man. But eventually, he was thrown into the abysssss. Hehe (I love it when the bad guy is thrown into the abysss). Love love love it.

As I watched this dragon and the hero bond at the end of the movie, and as his children took the hero’s children on a wild ride across town, what came to my mind was this line from a hillsong track that reads – I’m believing for the day, when the walls are violent seas, all creation live in peace.

Maybe I was tired of the troubles and discord that I keep seeing and hearing of in the news everyday, but I needed that movie. I needed to see that even if it was in a world of animation, somewhere there is peace. And it got me hopeful, believing for the day when I’ll play with dragons in heaven. The day when everyone will live in peace, and there’ll be no wars. This is why I cried. I cried cos this young boy’s movie gave me hope.

This hope, of course comes from the fact that I know that I have a future. Not everyone does. If you don’t have Jesus, let me not even lie to you, you’re not going to be playing with dragons o. They’ll be  biting you. So, please come to this side of town. Things are peaceful here, and if you need to know how, tell me in the comments section. Yeah?

Let’s have hope

Life will be better than the animation movies, soon enough. Hold tight

-Love, Bimps.