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Our very own rainbow

Our very own rainbow There’s this myth that’s been ongoing for years and it’s that God uses the beautiful rainbow to remember not to punish us. When He sees the rainbow, he’s like ‘shoot! I remember! Lemme behave o. I […]

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Lessons from the middle

I lived in the middle for a long time in my life. I still tend towards that end but boy, I’m working so hard to pick a side. All the time. It’s been hard work cos I like to make […]

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Heart, it’s okay to grow

Dear heart, how you doing? Honestly I must commend you. These days, you’ve been just fab. Withstanding things you couldn’t have before, taking crap like a champ, and demanding for better, living with more gusto than previously, and graciously through […]

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This rat race we’re running

Rat Race

One wonderful evening, on my way to see man (that story is so for another day), I boarded a bus going to my destination. I was doing my own thing o, when my eyes just turned to the side of […]

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Happy people, Music people – 1st quarter

bimpe's happy place

Lemme start this like I start those boring work emails, … Hi guys, trust your day is going great, lol. My loves!!!!! (That’s more like it, right?), shey e wa okay?? Okay, let’s get to work (in case it’s someone’s […]

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2016 in Retrospect

Guyssssssss!!! It’s the 1st day of the year,  you guys!! Okay, so I’m standing right here at the beginning of 2017 and looking back into the last  year. It’s been one heck of a ride. I had never been as […]

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I’ll be here

Hey love, do you have a minute? Lemme tell you something I don’t want you to ever forget. I do not like football. Neither do I  really like any sport, really. I don’t have the patience for it. If it were […]

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We are going somewhere

It’s all fun and games until you have a purpose – Bimpe Yo!!!! How does it feel to have finished the ’10 postcards from uni’  series? It feels weird for me honestly. I’m loving the feedback I’ve been getting from […]

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10 post cards from uni – 10

OMG! Its day 10. I can’t stop smiling at my phone right now as I type this. As some of y’all might know, myself and consistency are not that close. Our relationship is complicated. So typing 9 posts from my […]

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10 post cards from uni – 9

Hi guys! How’s your week been? Mehn, mine was a bit unexpected but I guess that’s to be expected sometimes (no pun intended, I’ve just been sick with words nowadays, lol). Its day 9 of the 10 postcards from uni […]

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