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10 post cards from uni – 10

OMG! Its day 10. I can’t stop smiling at my phone right now as I type this. As some of y’all might know, myself and consistency are not that close. Our relationship is complicated. So typing 9 posts from my […]

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10 post cards from uni – 9

Hi guys! How’s your week been? Mehn, mine was a bit unexpected but I guess that’s to be expected sometimes (no pun intended, I’ve just been sick with words nowadays, lol). Its day 9 of the 10 postcards from uni […]

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10 post cards from uni – 8

Hey folks, How’s it going? ¬†Welcome to the new week! Guess what day it is? Day 8! Can you guys believe we’re almost done?? Amazing stuff right? I really hope you guys have learnt as much as I have from […]

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10 post cards from uni – day 7

*sneaking in and posting this, like I don’t know I haven’t posted in 5 days, but believing you guys will understand that I really did try, but there were uncontrollable circumstances beyond my control that made me unable* Hi guys!!!!! […]

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10 post cards from uni – 6

  Hi loves!!!! Waizup? I know, I know, why didn’t I put day 6 yesterday, right? Sorry folks, was a bit busy. But day 6 is here!!!!! Are you dancing or am I dancing on my own? Today’s post card […]

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10 post cards from uni – 5

Hey folks! Its day 5 of this series, and I can’t be calm!!!! I’m so excited. On to the business of today. Today’s post card is about the heart of God and how we sometimes could be ashamed of Him. […]

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10 post cards from uni – 4

Day 4 herrreee!!! *dancing shoki even if it’s out of vogue cos that’s what I know how to dance*, lol How’s your Sunday going guys? Hope we’re all prepped and ready for work tomorrow. I just got back from Akure […]

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10 Post cards from uni – 3

Hi guys, it’s day 3!!!!!! *dancing* Hope the weekend is going well. Today has been a busy but fulfilling day for me as we have this program going on in my home church, for which I had to go to […]

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10 post cards from uni – 2

Yo!!! How are you guys today? Hope you’re prepping for the weekend. I have a really busy weekend ahead, and there’s lots of travelling but don’t worry I’ll keep the post cards coming. Today is day 2 of the postcard […]

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10 Post Cards from Uni – 1

Hey guys! So I decided to pick up my one of my old journals from my university days cos I was checking for some things, and then I found all these amazing write ups I put down but never published […]

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