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Free, by Sexual Purity Gang!! Reigning above sexual addictions

Free - Sexual Purity

Sure you’re wondering what S.P.G is? Haha lemme tell you a story… …so sometime last month in my church, we started running connect circles. Connect circles are c-o-n-n-e-c-t c-i-r-c-l-e-s LOL! A small group of people “bound” by common interests. The […]

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MCM – 1989

It’s the first post in 2016 guys!!!! How’s the new year been for you all so far? Hope it’s been awesome? If it’s not, don’t worry, it’ll be. Give it time yeah? I’m so excited, this year has kicked off […]

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El Arte De La Risa

Before we think too far about the unknown language and meaning of the title of this article, it simply means “The Art of Laughter” and the language, I believe is Spanish. Little heads up; during the course of this blog […]

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