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10 post cards from uni – 2

Yo!!! How are you guys today? Hope you’re prepping for the weekend. I have a really busy weekend ahead, and there’s lots of travelling but don’t worry I’ll keep the post cards coming. Today is day 2 of the postcard […]

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10 Post Cards from Uni – 1

Hey guys! So I decided to pick up my one of my old journals from my university days cos I was checking for some things, and then I found all these amazing write ups I put down but never published […]

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Life, love and toothpaste

I went to the mall one day and got me a tube of Colgate toothpaste (this is not an ad, lol. It’s what I use, is all). I noticed at the beginning when I started using this toothpaste that it […]

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Love people – For those days we forget

  I’m a word person. Heavily. Words get to me. They propel me forward, they stop me in my tracks and they give me a glimpse into the future. Because I know this, I try to be as careful as […]

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Old, Older, Newer

Hi Guys!!!! I know, this place is all dusty and stuff, since it’s been forever I’ve been here. Someone even went as far as asking me in paraphrased terms, “so your blog is still functional?”, oh and he didn’t sound […]

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City Without Walls

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City without walls

Sometimes I get really tired The exhaustion that comes from terrorism The pain that comes from seeing people starve The hurt that comes from seeing people hurt other people The tears shed in the light of natural disasters and impending […]

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Lessons from the war room

Lessons from the war room

Guyzzzzzz!!!! (I was told by a friend recently, that I use too many exclamation marks, is that true?). So I saw the movie ‘war room’, last week. I’m really late to the party, I know, I know (You don’t need […]

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Dear Bimpe,

Letters to Trish, Bimpe

Yo peeps!!! (cos I’m gangsta now, lol) Gosh, it’s been a few weeks, anyone miss me? I know, I know, I missed you guys more. I have a certain fascination with letters, and so I  started this series called “letters […]

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MCM – Forever by Kari Jobe

MCM - Forever, Bimpe's happy place, true happiness, Jesus the only way, see how the rivers jump for joy

There are some things I find very strange about Christianity. One of those things is the irony of it all. The ability of an unseen creator to manifest Himself in so many seen ways, that you can almost feel his […]

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Simple Life – The Weepies

Sometimes, I see myself as an escapist, and no I don’t mean someone that lives in a world of fantasy and denial of all that’s going on around them,just someone that desires that things be different, and believes it’ll be. […]

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