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Salons, wigs and this fast paced life

Hey guys!!! I have a short story to tell … (it’s short this time, I promise) I was at the salon some weeks ago to make my hair. It was the new year, and one thing that’s typical of a […]

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Harmattan heat with a hint of hope

Harmattan on this side of the world (Nigeria) has been all shades of crazy, but even worse has been the Lagos heat: I feel like anything could cook in this heat mehn, even human beings. Harmattan makes it worse, because […]

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MCM - Seasons by Hillsong Worship

The song ‘seasons’ by Hillsong worship is from a christmas album, but it appeals to a current season in my life so I’m just gonna write. It speaks of seasons, patience and perseverance in our walk as beings and Christians. […]

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